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What is tabby?

tabbyTabby is a multi-user, browser based, all-platform POS solution for any type of retail outlets. It is a feature rich PoS. A perfect solution for any challenging and demanding business environment.

Why tabby?

Because it fits your requirements and needs, whatever they might be. Get to know more about tabby.

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feature rich


Tabby is a multiuser solution providing the possibility for up to 8 users, including the manager, to log in and work simultaneously using tabby.

Back office setting allow to define various ways of station assignment, switching among users the stations, tables, open bills, etc. Operations reports might be configured to present available data related to specific user or consolidations.

Advanced Statistics

Tabby, through its advanced statistics module, provides the possibility to fully control the business. A clear and immediate understanding of the trends in sales is just a matter of few clicks. Available selection of multiple options as well as easy switching between the views and display modes, provide the clear picture of the situation of your store.

Inventory Control

Available inventory reports allow for easy items availability tracking. Submit purchased items and ingredients, set warning levels and be informed about the current status, inventory shortage or out of stock items at any time.

E-mail Reporting

Tabby provides extensive reporting module allowing to create short and long term reports related to any aspect of the retail outlet operations. Any of the available reports can be configured to be sent to designated e-mail addresses.

Integrated Payments

Payment integration, combined with mobility, simplifies the processing by getting it away from the counter.

Real-time Dashboard

Notifications, warnings and operators' statistics are available in real time. Back office's dash board keeps the Manager informed about the important events through the shortcut keys and pop up notifications.


Non cloud

Tabby is a non-cloud application, hosted on a proprietary, local embedded server. It allows to take advantage of all modern web technologies without any potential risks. All transactions are stored real time, without the risk of loosing any important sales data.

Any device and platform

Tabby is a web based application designed to work on ANY browser enabled device and ANY platform : Linux, Windows, Android ,iOS, OSX.

Any browser

Tabby is developed using the most recent WEB technologies, like CSS3, HTML5 and JS. The application is highly responsive and perfectly adaptable to any browser. Since it is local, it is a lot faster than any cloud app!

Low cost

Tabby can work with any browser enabled device. It can serve multiple work stations. It does not require any installation or additional licences.


tabby general retail
General Retail Overview
tabby hospitality
Hospitality Overview

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tabby software version for Windows

It is a pure software version of tabby PoS solution. It was created having in mind all retail / hospitality establishments, where resource oriented limitiations of the box did not allow to use the tabby solution. It is a retail version enriched with certain hospitality features, providing extended capabilities in various areas.


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